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Posted on 11-16-2018

Pet Eye Emergencies at Our Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

Unlike some ailments that resolve on their own, changes in the eyes always need to be seen by a vet, as certain changes can cause significant pain and rob your best furry friend of vision. We treat a range of pet eye emergencies at our Austin emergency veterinarian, Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin.

Signs of Pet Eye Emergency

Knowing the signs of a pet eye emergency can literally save your pet's sight.

  • Corneal laceration occurs when something (a cat's claw, a stick) tears the cornea. Your pet will likely keep the eye shut and may show obvious signs of pain. To promote healing, we may have to suture the eye shut.
  • Penetrating injury can also cause your pet to close just one eye and whine in pain. If an object has penetrated the lens, we will have to remove the lens. Antibiotic and corticosteroid medications also help.
  • Lens luxation (lens dislocation) is a common problem in terrier dogs. If you notice your pet's eyes have become very dilated or are white or bluish, lens removal can prevent blindness.
  • Acute glaucoma from increased ocular pressure presents with a red or inflamed eye with or without discharge and repeated blinking. We will prescribe medication to lower the pressure.
  • Corneal ulcers are not often visible to the naked eye, but if your dog's eye keeps squinting or tearing, or the eye stays shut, the deepest layers of the cornea may be eroded. Redness, discharge, and sensitivity to light are also symptoms. Treatment may include an incision or surgery.
  • Pet eye infection can become an emergency if symptoms (such as with pink eye) worsen over time. For example, if you first noticed your pet blinking a lot and the following day, the animal won't open his eye, seek immediate care.

Eye Emergency Care Available at Our Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

When pet eye infection or injury strikes, time is of the essence. Eye emergency care is available 24/7 at our emergency veterinarian in Austin, Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin: (512) 331-6121.

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