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Car Accident Care at Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

There is nothing more devastating than having your pet get injured during an auto accident. Unfortunately, accidents happen, but there are several things you can do to prevent your cat or dog from getting hit by a car in Austin. Here a few things you can do to help reduce the risk of your pet being in a car accident.

dog in car

How to Prevent Your Pet From Getting Hit by a Car

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your cat or dogs safety. Although you may not always be able to prevent an accident, the following tips will help to reduce the risk:

  • Teach your dog to sit before you open the door
  • Always put a leash on your dog before taking them outside
  • Frequently check the fence to make sure there aren’t any holes or other damages where your pet can escape from
  • Have your cat and dog neutered or spayed to reduce their desire to run
  • Always be aware of where your cat is before opening the door and make sure all family members do the same

What to Do If Your Pet Gets in a Car Accident

Your pet should be safely removed from the roadway as carefully and as quickly as possible to prevent additional accidents. Once you have removed your pet from the road, check to see if it is breathing and if they aren’t breathing, pet CPR measures should be done. If someone is there to help you, carefully load your pet into your car, wrap them in a blanket to keep them warm and transport them to an emergency veterinarian in Austin.  Any bleeding wounds should be covered with a clean cloth and apply pressure. If there are noticeably broken bones, be sure to stabilize the limb with a cloth, towel or shirt before transporting.

It is important to keep in mind that your pet may have injuries, such as internal bleeding that is not immediately apparent, so you should take them to an emergency vet to be checked out and be sure to use caution when moving and transporting. Once you arrive at the vet, they will assess your pet’s injuries through x-rays and blood tests. If your pet is in shock, it will typically be treated with IV fluids and pain medications.

Have A Pet Emergency? Our Austin and Round Rock Teams Are Here to Help!

Contact Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin if you have concerns or questions about your pet's health following a car accident. We have 3 locations to help service your pets need.