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Pet Allergy Treatment from Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

Have you ever seen a dog or cat wheeze and sneeze during certain times of the year, scratch at itchy welts on the skin, or suffer from digestive complaints after eating certain foods? Chances are that you're seeing a typical example of an allergic reaction. Animals suffer from allergies just as humans do -- and some of their reactions can take dangerous forms. If your pet is suffering from a severe, acute allergic episode, Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin can provide immediate care to ease his symptoms.

dog running in field of flowers

Understanding Common Dog and Cat Allergies

Dog and cat allergies can take various forms and be triggered by various substances. These may include:

  • Insect Stings
  • Dust
  • Seasonal pollen
  • Molds or other fungi
  • Skin contact with irritating substances (including saliva from flea or tick bites)
  • Chemicals such as cigarette smoke, industrial exhaust, perfume, or household cleansers
  • Food ingredients such as beef, wheat, or dairy products

Pet allergy symptoms can be tricky to identify -- partly because they may mimic other issues such as upper respiratory infections, and partly because the part of the body affected may not seem directly related to the allergen. For instance, food allergens may cause digestive problems such as diarrhea, but they're also likely to manifest themselves as hives or other skin lesions.

When Pet Allergies Become Dangerous

While pet allergies cause just as much annoyance and discomfort as you might expect, you should also know that some acute allergic reactions seriously threaten your pet's well-being. An allergic reaction that starts out as a mild-looking case of hives or swelling may progress into more serious symptoms. A condition called anaphylaxis, in which your pet may experience shock, circulatory/breathing problems or systemic collapse represents a genuine veterinary emergency.

Our Emergency Veterinarian Can Help

If your pet showing signs of a severe allergic reaction, contact our emergency veterinarian immediately. We can instruct you as to any steps you should take right away, such as removing a bee's stinger. Once we your pet arrives at our clinic, we will work to stabilize your pet's vital signs, keep his airway open, and administer fluids as needed. We can also give your pet epinephrine or other medications to reverse the worst of his symptoms and bring him out of danger.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Austin, TX to Schedule an Appointment Today

Pet allergies aren't usually an emergency -- but when they are, it's great to know that you have friends at the Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin. Keep our number handy and call us at 512-331-6121 if you have any concerns about your beloved pet!