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Treating Wounds & Bites at Our Austin Emergency Pet Hospital

Many of our pets love a little rough play, but sometimes it can go too far. Some pets become unlucky and come across wildlife or other violent pets. Bites and wounds are some of the most common reasons animals may need veterinary attention. As a pet owner, here is what you need to know if your beloved one is suffering from a wound.

dogs on a hike

Types of Wounds

There are different types of wounds that an animal could develop, most notably:

  • Lacerations. A laceration is a deep cut that tears into the animal's flesh or tissue. This tends to be a more serious kind of wound, leaving an animal vulnerable to infection or blood loss.
  • Bites. At times, our pets get into fights with other animals. A fight could result in a small puncture wound. Some bites are serious enough to require medical attention.
  • Scratches. Scratch marks are easy to miss due to how small and thin they are. While scratching may not seem serious enough for medical attention, it could lead to something worse. A cat or dog who constantly scratches himself may have developed a parasitic infestation; fleas and ticks often cause itchy skin for pets.

When to Visit an Emergency Veterinarian 

If your pet has developed a wound, there are certain actions you can take to manage the problem. If your pet has recently been in a fight, remove him or her away from the other animal. Check for certain symptoms such as bleeding, whining, weakness, difficulty breathing, limping, or pale gums. If symptoms are present, then it may be time to take your pet to the vet. If the wound is causing excessive bleeding, collapsing, or other dangerous symptoms, take your pet to an emergency vet right away. Some wounds can lead to infection, disease, anemia, or worse.

Contacting the Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin

Do you need a veterinary clinic with emergency care? We've got you covered. The Emergency Animal Hospital of Northwest Austin (EAHNWA) is taking care of Austin's pets. Our veterinarians offer emergency care for bites, wounds, heatstroke, poisoning, car accidents, and more. Regular services include diagnostic testing, laboratory testing, monitoring, oxygen therapy, transfusion therapy, soft tissue emergency surgery, ultrasound, radiology, endoscopy, and critical care. Whatever ailment your pet is suffering from, our staff of professionals will come up with a veterinary solution for full restoration. If you want to learn more about how we can treat bites and wounds, please call the EAHNWA at one of our locations. Our Northwest 24 hour emergency care center can be contacted at (512) 331-6121.